202305_HAZOP Revalidation-Best Practices for Effective Ravalidations

$750.00 / unit

Course Date

28 May 2023

This course is located in Doha, Qatar at the Texas A&M University at Qatar Engineering Building.

Course Overview

HAZOP Revalidation is a critical aspect in the prevention of catastrophic accidents, but revalidations can be time consuming and result in burdensome and difficult to implement recommendations for the operating plant. Depending on the quality and availability of previous HAZOP reports, revalidation requirements can vary greatly. How much time are you taking to revalidate a HAZOP review? Are your revalidations generating recommendations that are costly to implement or that are not consistent with the level of risk within your facility? Do you wonder how other companies address issues such as changes in industry standards & practices?

Learning Outcomes

This course will provide attendees with an understanding of:

  • The purpose, objectives and expected outcome of the HAZOP revalidation process.
  • How to address advancements in code standards and industry practices occurring after the design of the facility.
  • When is it appropriate to consider multiple failures in the HAZOP revalidation.
  • Best practices for HAZOP Revalidation after Changes to your HAZOP Methodology (i.e.: adding Risk Ranking, switching to a New Risk Matrix or adding LOPA to the HAZOP process)
  • How to capture recommendations related to the use of Inherently Safer Designs and design modifications so that they get proper consideration in the HAZOP and during recommendation close out.
  • Incorporating MOCs, incidents and near misses into the revalidation process; and
  • How to streamline the risk ranking process to reduce HAZOP Revalidation time requirements.
The course has been tailored to the HAZOP Revalidation process for existing facilities. The majority of the class time will focus on industry practices used to streamline the HAZOP Revalidation process, case studies related to common revalidation issues and class discussion time where attendees can raise questions related to specific issues, they have faced in HAZOP Revalidation review sessions.

Who Should Attend

The class is intended to be an interactive course for technical and operating staff who regularly attend HAZOP revalidations or who expect to / plan to attend HAZOP revalidations in the future. In addition, this class will also benefit engineers and operations staff as it will provide valuable instruction on critical issues related to the prevention of catastrophic accidents within industrial facilities.