ADL - Base Water Chemistry: Analysis for freshwater ponds and aquaculture

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The most popular analysis we perform is the base water chemistry analysis. This analysis covers 8 water quality parameters, including pH, hardness, alkalinity, total salinity, total ammonia nitrogen, un-ionized ammonia, nitrite, and chlorides, that are fundamental in supporting fish populations and only requires 16-20 ounces of water for testing. Once we run all 8 tests, current concentrations are compared to acceptable and optimal ranges in a thorough report, along with suggested amendments. This test is especially recommended prior to fish stocking and strongly encouraged before making pond management decisions dealing with aquatic plant management, fertilization applications, parasite or disease management, and pond clearing techniques.
This service is $35.00, plus a $5.25 processing fee.

Results take a minimum of 7 days from the day that sample is received.