ADL - Water Clearing Treatment Test

$149.00 / unit

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Concentration and chemical needed for effective water clearing (calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, calcium sulfate, aluminum sulfate, or magnesium sulfate as indicated by basic water chemistry and a flocculation test).

PLEASE NOTE: A base water chemistry analysis for freshwater or saltwater must also be ordered for the sample needing a clearing test. These tests are required in order to perform water clearing test AND the water clearing test requires a minimum of 0.5 gallons of water to perform.

Any clearing treatment is likely to be short lived in bodies of water with substantial catfish, koi, carp, or any other benthic fish populations, aerators, livestock drinking from/entering the pond, or with areas of bare land or erosion around the pond or upstream in the water shed, as these factors will eventually re-suspend precipitated clay particles or add new clay particles to the pond. Causes of turbidity must first be identified and eliminated before any clearing treatment should be applied. Clearing effects may last 1 day or 2 years, but the water will likely cloud again if any of the aforementioned factors are present. Also, new ponds frequently experience high clay turbidity rates for the first couple of years and many, although not all, clear on their own as the pond ecosystem becomes established. Some ponds simply may never become fully clear no matter what or how many clearing treatments are applied due to a variety of soil and environmental factors.

All Water Clearing Treatment Tests require a minimum of 14 days to process from day sample is received.

This service is $125.00, plus a $24.00 processing fee.