ATM Science atom- Key Ring; Corduroy; Card Pouch

$10.00 / unit

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Three colors with a design on one side. This atom design has the block ATM in its center. Zipper in vintage white and a metal key ring.It holds several cards and IDs. Tired of having your cards all over the place? Some are in your wallet, some are in your car, some are who knows where. Whether they're business or credit or rewards, keep your cards in our Penny Key Ring specifically designed to hold them all! Includes a metal key ring.

No longer reserved for cool pants and old school blazers, Corduroy is in the house! The rich colors and beloved texture will bring a touch of nostalgia as everything old is new again; go ahead, hop on this trend.

Sugar Loaf (pink)

Spruce (dark green)

Cinnamon (reddish brown)

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