Class of '23 Legacy Night Shirts

$5.00 / unit

Join us for the first ever Legacy Night on March 31, 2022 at 5:23 pm. At this event, we will be celebrating everything that our class has accomplished so far, and celebrating the burial of a time capsule that encapsulates the Class of 2023’s Aggie Story. During the event, there will be food, yell leaders, reveille, music and a few keynote speakers, as well as a showcase of all of the items that will be placed in the time capsule. If you would like to be part of history, purchase your choice of meal and/or Tshirt today!

Shirts will be distributed Monday-Thursday (3/28-3/31) in Rudder Plaza and at Legacy Night. Food will be served at Legacy Night on March 31st

For questions, please email [email protected]