Edwards Plateau: Stewardship Examples in Brush Management (March 2, 2023)

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When: March 2, 2023 || 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Where: Virtual
Presented by Curry Campbell
Curry Campbell is the managing partner of Campbell-Mayer Liveoak Ranch and Mayer 4 River Ranch in Edwards and Menard Counties. He and his wife, Bonnie Lou, both manage these properties, stocking them with cattle, sheep and goats. They have always been of the mindset to "take half and leave half" when it comes to range management and to always work to improve the condition of our pastures either through the use of fire, chemical or mechanical means. Having diversity in grazing species has allowed them the opportunity to maximize brush management in their arid climate, which averages 18-21 inches of rainfall annually (i.e., using goats before and after prescribed burns, cattle harvesting mature grass allowing for new regrowth, and forb production for wildlife). They also use sheep on harvesting forbs, goats on helping to control regrowth on algarita, persimmon, prickly ash, and other brush species after using a mulcher as a mechanical means.

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Brittany Chesser
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