ESET 210 Parts Kit (No Cables)

$55.00 / unit

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This lab kit contains all of the components necessary to complete the lab experiments within the ESET 210: Circuit Analysis course, excluding the oscilloscope probes and banana-alligator wires. It is recommended that each lab group, consisting of two students, should purchase at least one kit.

Each kit will contain the following components:

Resistor 6.8ohms x1

Resistor 10ohms x1

Resistor 91ohms x1

Resistor 100ohms x3

Resistor 220ohms x1

Resistor 330ohms x3

Resistor 470ohms x1

Resistor 680ohms x1

Resistor 1k x1

Resistor 1.2k x2

Resistor 2.2k x2

Resistor 3.3k x3

Resistor 4.7k x1

Resistor 6.8k x1

Resistor 10k x1

Resistor 47k x1

Resistor 100k x2

Resistor 470k x1

Resistor 1M-1/4 W x1

Resistor 100-1/2 W x1

Resistor 1M- 1/2 W x2

Resistor 1M- 1 W x1

Resistor 1M- 2 W x1

Electrolytic Capacitors 100uF x2

Electrolytic Capacitors 220uF x2

Inductors 10mH x2

Inductors 100mH x1

Ceramic Capacitors 0.01uF x2

Ceramic Capacitors 0.1uF x2

Ceramic Capacitors 0.47uF x2

Ceramic Capacitors 1uF x2

Potentiometer 1k x1

Potentiometer 10k x1

Screw Driver x1

Bread Board x1

Oscilloscope Probes x3

Banana-Alligator Wires (pairs) x3