HAZOP Leadership: From Good to Great- October 2024

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Course Date

6-10 October 2024

This course is located in Doha, Qatar at the Texas A&M University at Qatar Engineering Building.

Course Overview

Are you looking to transform the quality of your Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies? Do you want to do more than just comply with the standard or do more than just continually improve? Are you looking to make a step function change in the analysis of process hazards within your plant?
This 5-day course will transform the way you lead HAZOP reviews.
The class goes beyond traditional HAZOP courses and challenges facilitators to embrace their role in the future possibility of zero process safety accidents. In addition to providing attendees with detailed instruction on the need for HAZOPs, the objective of HAZOP, the HAZOP process and the application of guidewords to lead a HAZOP team through the successful completion of a HAZOP Review, the class will introduce the concept of demanding more from the HAZOP team, leading them to uncover "what they didn't know they didn't know".

Leaning Outcomes

The course will provide a brief overview of the role of HAZOP in Process Safety Management and Risk Assessment and will discuss the use of other Hazard identification processes highlighting similarities and differences with the HAZOP process.

Who Should Attend

The class is intended to be a HAZOP Facilitation course for experienced professionals who already have a good understanding of process safety management, have participated in HAZOP reviews and either want to become a great facilitator or want to make a more meaningful contribution to the HAZOP reviews they attend. While not mandatory, it is recommended that attendees take the Process Safety Management course or HAZOP refresher course offered by The Center prior to this class.