HAZOP Revalidation_Nov22


Course Date

20 November 2022

This course is offered virtually by Texas A&M University at Qatar.

Course Overview

This course will provide an understanding of why we do HAZOP, the objectives of a HAZOP review, what is expected from a participant in a HAZOP and how to be an active participant in the HAZOP process. In addition, the course will also teach participants how to read a HAZOP report and what the HAZOP report can teach us about the process hazards and safety systems in place to minimize the risk of catastrophic events.

Learning Outcomes

The course will provide a brief overview of the role of HAZOP in Process Safety Management and Risk Assessment process and will go into detail on HAZOP terminology, guidewords and the HAZOP process.

Who Should Attend

The class is intended to be an introductory course for technical and operating staff who regularly attend HAZOP reviews or who expect to / plan to attend HAZOP reviews in the future.