STAND Up Facilitator Training: May 14-15, 2024

$200.00 / unit

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Health Promotion is pleased to announce that our next campus-wide facilitator training is scheduled for Tuesday, May 14 - Wednesday, May 15, 2024: 8:30am-5:00pm each day in the Student Services Building (SSB) 308. This professional development opportunity is open to all faculty and professional staff of the Texas A&M College Station and Health Science Center campuses, including graduate & professional students who are graduating no earlier than Summer 2024.

During the Facilitator Training, participants will:

  • Learn about the evidence-based need for developing & implementing STAND Up.
  • Participate in skill-building around the core tenets of the STAND Up curriculum, which includes:
    • Support for Self: Examining the fears and concerns that one might have if they are told about an assault.
    • Think & Accept: Building an understanding of how trauma impacts the body and brain, and how we need to move past false narratives of victimization in order to engage in trauma-informed approaches to helping a victim/survivor.
    • Nurture: Learning how to create supportive spaces for disclosure to occur.
    • Determine Options: Becoming aware of local resources, and the rights & responsibilities of students, faculty, and staff on our campus.
  • Strengthen competence through experiential components including giving and receiving feedback, role plays, practice and discussion.

Facilitator Time Commitment:

  • We understand that becoming a STAND Up facilitator is above and beyond your current duties at the university. We keep the time commitment manageable, asking that you complete three facilitations per academic year. One facilitation should be a 3.5-hour workshop, and the other two can be either additional workshops or one-hour overviews.
  • We also ask that you commit to being a facilitator for two academic years, which would take effect on August 1, 2024 and remain active through July 31, 2026.

Benefit to the Campus Community

  • While our Texas A&M campus and surrounding community are safe places to learn, work, and live, Aggies are still impacted by power-based personal violence. In the most recent Association of American Universities Survey on Sexual Assault and Misconduct (2019), we know the following from students at Texas A&M University who participated:
    • 27% of female; 7.2% of male; 14.7% of transgender, queer, and non-binary students, experienced at least one type of sexual assault due to physical force or incapacitation
    • 42.7% experienced sexual harassment from another student, faculty or staff member
    • 12.9% experienced intimate partner violence
    • 19.4% experienced stalking
  • Becoming a STAND Up facilitator is one of the most tangible ways that you can serve as an ally who promotes violence prevention, brings awareness to the impact that power-based personal violence has on those who experience it, and empowers others to have informed conversations about these issues.

Registration Cost & Procedures

The cost to attend the Facilitator Training is $200. This registration fee covers training materials, certification, breakfast & lunch, and refreshments for both days of the training. The fee is non-refundable either in part or in full, so please make sure that you can attend the entirety of the training before completing the payment process.

You must complete the STAND Up Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and accompanying STAND Up Application Questions and submit them to Health Promotion prior to paying the registration fee. The MOU and Application can be found at under the Become a STAND Up Facilitator tab.

The MOU, application, and registration fee must be submitted by 5pm on Monday, May 6, 2024, in order to participate.