Howdy TapeBall Cricket League - Player Registration Fees


This is for the player registration fees for the Howdy Tape Ball Cricket League. This only needs to be paid by the players that have already found a team to play for in the tournament.

The Tournament will be held on the 27th and 28th of August 2022. Some matches might be moved to September 3rd, in case of inclement weather and other delays.

If you have not joined any team AND are looking for a team to join, please join the following Whatsapp group using the link below so you can be scouted by one of the existing captains.

The following steps need to be completed BEFORE buying the voucher:

  1. Go to, click "register" and submit your details. Please do consider downloading the Cricclubs app for regular notifications on the match schedules as well.
  2. Add yourself to the team name you have requested.
  3. Your request will be approved after the 8$ player registration fee payment is verified by the admin.
Player verification has to be done via the following steps (to be done by your captain, not the player):
  1. Send the following details to Pranav or Anshul (contact posted below)
    1. The subject of the email - "Player registration - <Your Team Name>"
    2. Billing Name
    3. Transaction ID
    4. Name(s) of the player(s) associated with the payment
    5. If sending this for the case of multiple players, the captain can use the same email thread.
  2. Once the details are verified, the player registrations will be approved, and you are good to play.

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Contact Information for questions:

Anshul Yadav ([email protected]) [Main Contact]
Pranav Vaidik Dhulipala ([email protected]