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ITILv4 Foundations Certification Exam and Textbook: Student

$340.00 / unit

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This item includes a single voucher to register for the ITILv4 Foundations Certification Exam with PeopleCert, the company that administers ITIL exams. The item also includes a digital copy of the ITILv4 Foundations textbook.

This item is only available to current students in the ITSV program who are enrolled in either ITSV101 or TCMG476. This item is NOT appropriate for IT professionals who may also receive training from ITSV faculty.

Upon purchasing this item, you should receive an email confirmation from PeopleCert within one week. This email will detail instructions for registering for the exam and accessing the course e-textbook.


Be sure to use your NON-TAMU address to register for the exam. You'll need to access this certification long after you leave TAMU so you'll need access using your NON-TAMU email.