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MENAWCA Conference 2023 (online only registration)

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Registration Details
All conference participants (presenters, attendees, and online participants) must register for the conference. Each attendee should fill out an individual registration form. Only select sessions will be available via Zoom.

Online Registration ONLY
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If you plan to attend in person, please click on this link to complete your registration.

Conference Details
8–10 Feb. 2023
Multaqa (Student Center), Education City, Doha, Qatar

MENAWCA’s 8th biennial conference is a platform for teachers, tutors, peer tutors, center directors, and other professionals supporting student writers in the MENA region to share the innovative practices they have explored and report on their efficacy.

The technological advances of the twenty-first century have redefined literacy and composition. A critical thinker is a person who cannot only read and write complex texts, but can also understand and compose multimodal texts. Covid-19 accelerated the incorporation of technology into writing. These trends have transformed the writing center's role, which is internationally regarded as a multidisciplinary hub for holistic student engagement. Writers and tutors use a variety of technological tools to compose messages that are translingual and transnational.

Should you have further questions, please contact the conference co-chairs:
Sahar Mari, Texas A&M University at Qatar; [email protected]
Nicole Abiad, Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar; [email protected]