MSC Open House Fall 2024

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MSC Open House is a student involvement fair for the more than 1,200 student clubs and organizations. For many, MSC Open House is how students find the right involvement opportunity. MSC Open House is open to all Texas A&M students.

MSC Open House Staff will review all registrations to ensure every group meets the criteria for participation and can contribute to the purpose of this event by promoting active co-curricular student involvement on campus. Submitting this form is not a confirmation of payment, it’s a confirmation of a hold being placed on the provided card. To see if your org is approved, visit the MSC Open House website:

It's your responsibility to know the following rules and communicate them to the members in your organization.

MSC Open House In-Person Rules

  • Your organization must be in good standing with Student Activities or be a student-driven organization sponsored by a department in order to participate at the time of registration.
  • Your organization must check in by 12:45 p.m. as check in will close at 12:45 p.m. Failure to check-in or going directly to your table without checking in will result in forfeiting your table without refund.
  • Once payment is made, refunds are not available at any point for MSC Open House.
  • Only 2 representatives are allowed at each table at any given time. This includes volunteer shift changes. Volunteer shift changes should not be any longer than 5 minutes. Any longer and it will result in a violation. This means only two people are the table. Not other members being close to the table.
  • Only 1 organization per table; i.e. no sharing tables.
  • Electrical outlets will not be available at any table. Please DO NOT bring extension cords. If you bring an extension cord, that will result in an automatic violation.
  • You will not be allowed to hang materials on MSC walls. Plan for another method to display your materials.
  • Due to fire code violations, tables are not allowed to have chairs unless they have a medical or ADA compliant reason. Please do not move any property of the Memorial Student Center, including furniture, signage, etc. This goes for outdoor tables as well.
  • No balloons are allowed - both inside and outside
  • No animals, including reptiles and insects, are permitted indoors or outdoors at this event. Only service animals will be permitted.
  • Audio must not interfere with the ability of other organizations to conduct conversations. If we receive a complaint about noise levels, this will qualify as an event violation.
  • You may give out pre-packaged candy or food as part of your display. If you wish to give out any other kinds of foods, you will have to comply with University Center food guidelines, which can be found on their website.
  • No selling, buying, nor solicitation of goods or services is allowed at MSC Open House.
  • MSC Open House Staff and University Center & Special Events reserve the right to declare cases of severe weather that could cause safety concerns. In such cases, MSC Open House Staff and University Center reserve the right to cancel outdoor tables. MSC Open House Staff will notify appropriate student organizations with outdoor tables of such cancellations.
  • We require all groups to secure pop-up tents with cement buckets, cinder blocks, or water barrels. It needs to be something heavier than a backpack. We reserve the right to remove any tents that are not properly anchored. Note: Tents are not permitted near the windows of the Memorial Student Center (MSC).
It's your responsibility to know the following rules and communicate them to the members in your organization.