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Texas A&M’s food pantry, The 12th Can, is taking on rival SEC Universities during SEC Food Fight, occurring March 31st through April 13th. SEC Food Fight is a donation drive that will take place in collaboration with pantries across the SEC to combat food insecurity and support campus community members in need. Students, staff, and former students are more than welcome to participate! One point will be added to Texas A&M’s total for every dollar donated and for every individually packaged food or hygiene item. This is the first year Texas A&M is participating and we hope to make a strong showing! Although we would love to win first place, the ultimate goal is to bring awareness to food insecurity on campus.

Each donation must be at least $1 and cannot exceed $249, and Flywire donations are non-tax-deductible.If you have any questions while placing a donation, please contact our Finance Director at [email protected].