Sidekick Basic Kit for TI Launchpad

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The Seeedstudio Sidekick Basic Kit for TI LaunchPad™ is a great starting point for learning electronics and building basic circuits using discrete components, a breadboard, and a LaunchPad. Using Energia can greatly simplify the software creation so more focus can be placed on rapid prototyping and modifying circuits to fit our project ideas. This is an excellent starter kit for new electronics engineers and makers! Sidekick includes loose components, wires, and a breadboard to compliment your LaunchPad development kit. The manual includes 10 different example circuits but many more are possible by gathering additional components or using creativity. This is a must have item for any LaunchPad developer!Parts nameQuantity400 Tie-Point Breadboard1 PCSGreen LED5 PCSRed LED5 PCSRGB Common Anode LED1 PCSCeramic Capacitor 10nF10 PCSCeramic Capacitor 100nF10 PCSAluminum Capacitor 100uF5 PCSResistor 330 ohm10 PCSResistor 1K ohm10 PCSResistor 10K ohm10 PCSTilt Switch1 PCSThermistor1 PCSPhotoresistor (photocell)1 PCSDiode (1N4004)1 PCSPiezo Buzzer1 PCSButton5 PCSSwitch5 PCSPotentiometer with knob2PCSSmall DC Motor1 PCS7 Segment Single Digit Display (SA39-11SRWA – [datasheet]( PCS8-bit Shift Register (SN74HC595N – [datasheet]( PCSNPN Transistor (LP395Z/NOPB – [datasheet]( PCSAnalog Temperature Sensor (LM19CIZ/NOPB – [datasheet]( PCSJumper Wire Long5 PCSJumper Wire Short20 PCSSidekick Quick Start Guide1 PCSSidekick Manual1 PCS