Spring 2 - Jitterbug 2 (Thursdays)

$63.00 / unit

Jitterbug 2 puts a heavier emphasis on learning jitterbug moves than transitions. The moves taught in Jitterbug 2 are typically higher off the ground. Jitterbug 2 is the class to take if you are ready to learn some of our advanced “High Flyin’, Death Defyin’, Internationally Famous Aggie-style Jitterbug” moves. Please sign up with a partner. The cost of this lesson covers 3 weeks of instruction for both you and your partner.

Date: Thursdays 3/23, 3/30, 4/6

Class Time: 5:30-7PM

Location: Aggie Wrangler Bootstack

8827 Gauge Dr, College Station, TX 77845