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TAMU Math Circle 2023-2024

$100.00 / unit

Math Circles are a form of education enrichment and outreach that bring students into direct contact with mathematical professionals in an informal setting, to work on interesting problems or topics in mathematics. The goal is to excite students about mathematics, giving them a setting that encourages them to become passionate about mathematics.

The TAMU Math Circle is jointly organized by Drs. Yasskin, Yu, Weeks, Liu, Gong, and Wang from the Math Department. The circle is directed to gifted students in grades 5-12. We meet most Saturday afternoons in the John R. Blocker Building. This fall there are two sessions being offered:

1:00 - 3:00 Discovery Activity

3:00 - 4:00 Problem Solving

The $100 fee is for the entire academic year (fall and spring) and includes both sessions.

Each session is offered at three levels:

Beginner (for those in Pre-Algebra and below)

Intermediate (for those in Algebra 1 and Geometry)

Advanced (for those in Algebra 2 and above)

The Registration Fee is $100 if you register during the fall semester. If you join us during the spring semester, the fee is $50. This is used to buy supplies and snacks and to pay for instructors and counselors. If you can afford to pay more an additional payment is welcome to help support others who cannot afford it.

* If your student is on the National School Lunch program or the cost would prevent the student from attending, please speak to the organizers at [email protected] to get the fee waived, reduced or delayed. Please include your phone number. The organizers will give you a Promotional Code to enter on this payment form.

* For more information see or contact the Organizers: Drs. Yasskin, Yu, Weeks, Liu, Gong, and Wang at [email protected] or contact the Administrative Contact, Jeremy Kubiak at [email protected] or by phone at 979-845-6905.

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