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Veterinary Technician Package

$1,800.00 / unit

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A one year subscription (from date of purchase) to online learning resources and a continuing education course on bandaging, surgery preparation, and other techniques commonly completed by vet techs.

Veterinary technicians are vital team members who ensure that animal patients receive the best care and attention. Their duties can encompass a wide range of tasks that require a thorough knowledge of procedures within their field. Video-based modules are leveraged to provide a comprehensive educational experience where learners can observe techniques and learn how to calculate the dose and rate of medications to be delivered via Constant Rate Infusions.

What’s Included:

Learning Modules

Module 1 - Bandaging (Contact Time: 0.5 hours)

This module contains instructional videos on the following topics:

  • Robert Jones Technique
  • Donut Construction
  • Tie-over

Module 2 - Surgical Preparation Procedures (Contact Time: 1 hour)

This module includes a series of 10 instructional videos explaining proper procedure for surgery preparation. Specific topics include:

  • Folding a Fenestrated Drape
  • Gown Folding Technique
  • Assembling the Instrument Tray
  • Wrapping the Instrument Tray
  • Unwrapping the Instrument Tray
  • Unwrapping a Pack
  • Preoperative Sterile Skin Prep
  • Surgical Scrubbing Procedure
  • Open Gloving Technique
  • Gowning & Closed Gloving

Module 3 - Miscellaneous Topics (Contact Time: 0.5 hours)

This module includes video instruction on the following topics:

  • Canine Arthrocentesis
  • Buccal Mucosal Bleeding Time
  • Feline Handling Skills
  • Feline Physical Examination
  • Feline Jugular Venipuncture

Module 4 - Constant Rate Infusions (Contact Time: 1 hour)

This module includes video-based instruction on the following topics:

  • Characteristics of the drugs commonly delivered via CRI for pain management
  • Creating a pain management plan (including combinations of drugs) for a patient
  • How to calculate the dose and rate of medications to be delivered via CRI (in both a syringe pump and fluid bag)

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