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Vintage Jersey 1

$39.99 / unit

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These are old Adidas jerseys used by the Aggie Rugby program which are still in great shape. They feature the A&M Rugby emblem on one chest along with the Adidas logo on the other side. They are flexible and stretchable to allow for some give when needed but still provide that great snug feel you need in a jersey so its not super loose and hanging all over the place. Sizing is done by the position number so if you need assistance with sizing or would like to see the condition of a specific jersey you can reach out to our merchandise officer, ([email protected]) but in general 1-3 will be your biggest jerseys and 13-15 will be your smallest. Each jersey number only has one jersey associated with it so don't wait to long and miss your chance on your favorite jersey!

We can ship to anywhere although products can also be picked up in the College Station area if you prefer.