Wing Banded Turkey Poults - Pick up at TAMU

$122.50 / unit

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AO-Wing Banded Number of Turkey Poults - Multiples of 25
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  • We DO NOT sell turkey poults to individuals outside of Texas.
  • We DO NOT mail turkey poults.
  • Orders must be in INCREMENTS OF 25.
  • Poults come in 50 count boxes with 25 poults per box The 50 count box dimensions are 18.5 in X 12 in X 7 in.
  • All poults must be picked up between 1 pm and 5 pm on designated pick-up days in College Station, Texas at the Poultry Science Research, Teaching and Extension Center.
  • For questions about ordering turkey poults or additional boxes, contact Shelby Espinosa at [email protected].