Welcome to our Community Health Worker Training Marketplace!

The National Community Health Worker Training Center offers Community Health Worker (CHW) and CHW Instructor certification courses as well as continuing education units (CEUs).

Certification courses currently being offered are listed below. In order to register for one of our certification courses, you must first submit payment by selecting the course you would like to take and follow the steps to submit course payment.

We offer two payment options: you can either pay all at once (in-full) or pay using a 3-part installment plan. More information about the installment plan can be found by clicking on the installment option below.

After payment is received and verified, we will send you a link to register for the course on Canvas, our online Learning Management System. More information on how to setup your account on Canvas will be provided when the link is sent.

If you are already a certified CHW and are looking for continuing education units please visit our website at: https://nchwtc.tamhsc.edu/continuing-education-units/

For questions about our training opportunities, please contact us via email at [email protected].

Welcome to our Community Health Worker Training Marketplace!


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