Dance on Texas A&M University campus has existed for over 30 years, offering classes to fulfill core physical education requirements. In 2002, the Dance Minor program was implemented offering classes in ballet, modern, dance history, production, and composition. Then in 2007, through an initiative within the university, the dance program opened a University Studies: Dance Concentration degree, offering students more of an interdisciplinary degree in dance. Building upon Texas A&M’s strong reputation in the sciences, the dance program developed the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree with a track in Dance Science. This degree offers students the opportunity to combine the aesthetics of dance with the sciences that govern it. Often students in this degree go on to teach dance at studios and schools, perform professionally, or attend professional schools in physical therapy, dance science, or dance therapy. In the Fall of 2019, the Dance Program began offering students the option to fulfill elective hours within their degree for either teacher certification, professional schools, or a dance performance focus.


The mission of the dance program at Texas A&M is to educate students in the art and science of dance. We offer a personalized approach to dance training through hands on field-based experiences including technical production, dance science research and Pilates. In addition to the students seeking a degree in dance, the program also serves approximately 2000 students through physical education and core curriculum classes open to all students at the University.